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Cleaning up the concrete mixer is necessary

Le 29 juillet 2013, 04:06 dans Humeurs 0

As the rapid development of society recent years, new rural construction, transformation of the old and other aspects of development are also flourishing along with the construction of roads, bridges, housing, etc. Concrete is the most important material in construction, concrete mixer is therefore the most desirable mixing machine. Compared with the erecting machine and crane, the maintenance of concrete mixer is relatively easy. But we cannot be imprudent; maybe a small detail will affect the function of concrete mixer, like the cleaning of concrete mixer.

The following are that you should attach importance to.

1. According to the maintenance procedures (maintenance, maintenance operations), the machine should be periodicly maintained, such as cleaning, lubrication, fuel, etc.

2. Check each controller before running, after a a work stoppage, water and stones should be put into the mixing tube 10 to 15 minutes to clean, then water and pebble out.

3. To ban clearing the accumulation of concrete in the concrete mixer barrel with sledgehammer beating. You can only remove the residual concrete with a chisel.

4. In the cold season, after working, you should clean the mixing barrel with water, and put a net accumulation of water inside the water tank or pipe to prevent water pumps, water tanks, water pipes freezing.

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Operating procedure of Daswell concrete mixer

Le 26 juillet 2013, 04:51 dans Humeurs 0

Concrete mixers are applicable to different kinds of construction project, used for the variety of concrete production, mortar and grout. The following are some handing precautions of concrete mixer.

1. Transport mixer should apply for permits, the required speed driving; traction generally may not exceed 20kW / h. 8.Human transfer, before the downhill should be turned to the rear brake set up special command, close coordination and coherence.

2. .Cleaning tank must be located to supervise hang warning signs.

3. Mechanical operation, non-head or hand inserted into the hopper with the rack the View or Tanmo job.

4. The sand heap compaction pound pine, two people, one person to operate a guardianship, must stand in a safe and secure place, and security measures. Non-blind adventure job.

5. Compulsory mixer aggregate particle size required to allow the value of the feed, prohibited the use of large aggregate.

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The cost of Daswell double shaft concrete mixer

Le 26 juillet 2013, 04:48 dans Humeurs 0

This JS1500B Double shaft concrete mixer can be used to mix stiff-consistency concrete, semi-stiff-consistency concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and so on. Liner and mixer blade adopts high rigidity wear resistant steel with long service life. The electrical system adopts import component, which is good performance and reliability.

JS1500B Double horizontal shaft concrete mixer features:

1. Twin shaft concrete mixer

2. The barrel is designed adopting Euro-style beautiful and hard,

3. The driving system adopts involutes planetary gear, the gimbals transmission shaft insures circumgyrate at the same speed in-phase of the two mixing shafts

4. The mixing system may choose the spiral mixing system, which has high efficiency and the mixing effect is obvious.

5. Scale board and the mixing blades adopts high rigidity and high tenacity wearable cast alloy steel, to prolong the use length of life

6. The hydraulic station is equipped with manual device, under accident power cut, the emergency manual pump is used for opening the discharging door to let the concrete peremptorily.

7. The discharging door adopts hydrostatic control, and 3sticking dots are equipped, convenient for effusing the truck to avoid only one stroke,

8. The lubricating system adopts the international advanced centralized oil lubricating system, convenient for supplying the oil for the axle end sealing device, the system is equipment with overvoltage warning and low oil level warning, safe and reliable.

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